Week 6: Better

Since Monday, I’ve discovered that we didn’t, in fact, manage to fix the leak in my car’s roof.  Oh, and acquired bronchitis (not from the leak), which caused me to miss EE lab on Wednesday and math on Thursday.  And yet, I’m willing to label this week a win, for three basic reasons:

1) I found out that I didn’t do anywhere near so poorly on last week’s math test as I thought I had when I left the exam room.  In fact, the online gradebook for MAT 122 shows that I pulled an 83%, which is a solid B.  Mind you, that’s only the first third of the course, and a look at chapter 5, which we started this week, shows that things are in the process of getting a lot more complicated in precalc-land.  Still, since I thought I’d blown the thing entirely, that’s a pretty good result.

2) I took the first exam in ECE 101 this morning.  Based on how that felt, there are two possibilities there: Either everything went well, or I was so lost I didn’t even feel lost.  Of the two, A is more likely than B, though I won’t be able to rule B out entirely until I get my score back next week.

3) No school until next Wednesday thanks to Columbus Day and what is a bit laughably called “Fall Break”, which, if you don’t count the weekend and Columbus Day, is one day long.

The exam this morning was a little odd.  When I handed it in at the end of the class period, having taken my time and rechecked everything, Andy asked if I’d had enough time to do all the questions.  When I said I had, he looked pleased and said, “I tried to calibrate it so you’d have enough time to finish.”  I’m… not entirely sure how I feel about being the class’s benchmark for, shall we be kind and call it deliberate pacing. I can never quite tell with Andy whether he’s just messing with me.

But hey, he appears to be that rare member of the faculty who actually takes seriously those stickers on all the entrance doors on campus that say STOP! IF YOU FEEL SICK, TELL YOUR SUPERVISOR AND GO HOME. When I appeared at lab on Wednesday, having missed recitation that morning because I was at the hospital seeking nebulization, he looked at the paperwork and said, “Bronchitis?  Seriously?  Check with your lab partner, but if it’s OK with him I want you to go home.” So I did.  And spent most of the drive home (between coughs) paranoiacally wondering if it was really some sort of test of my selfless devotion to classwork, which of course I had just failed.  But that doesn’t seem too likely, really.  There are much better things for any instructor to do than play psych-out games with me.

Anyway, if the exam did, in fact, go well, and my grade on Speech 2 was good (we’re not getting them back until Wednesday, but I’m not getting an impending doom vibe from the instructor), then I’m doing pretty decent as we approach mid-semester.  Which is a plus. Also, my ECE 101 lab partner informed me before the exam today that, while I was at home coughing up a lung on Wednesday, he got our robot’s LED working!  Huzzah!  I have some catching up to do in open lab next week, but that’s OK.  I kind of like open lab, there’s no time pressure.

Really getting quite tired of the drive, though.

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