(So far.)

We got last Friday’s ECE 101 exam back today.  I scored 86 points out of a possible 90, which I believe you will find is (to three significant digits) 95.6%.

I consider that outcome acceptable.

This week’s lab was an open session with no set goals, since it’s a short week and the Monday and Tuesday kids didn’t get their regular lab sessions.  I was there for nearly the whole time anyway, because I was out sick last week and had quite a bit of catching up to do.  This consisted mostly of wire-wrapping, which I’m (let’s be honest) rubbish at.  My magnifying visor helps, but I still end up driving home with an eyestrain headache.

Still, I had a better time than my lab partner.  Let’s-Call-Him-Matt got his exam back in lab today too, and he… didn’t have much to be pleased about.  I wouldn’t know about this, since I’m not one to pry, except that he handed it to me after Andy returned it and said, "Am I reading that right?  Does that say 58?"  I confirmed that that was indeed the number before I consciously registered what the document was, which meant that my tone of voice was probably inappropriately chipper for bad news.  Between that, the news itself, and the annoying, fiddly rigors of wire-wrapping, Matt was in a pretty poor mood for the whole session, and I don’t blame him.  I wish I could’ve been more help, but I fear that in the event, my usual tendency to retreat into mumbling awkwardness in the face of another’s adversity prevented me from being of any use.

It didn’t help that several of our nearest classmates were in an irritatingly cheery mood and wouldn’t shut up about some Facebook game they’re all addicted to, before they switched to baiting our conservative Air Force ROTC TA about some upcoming political rally or another.  That kind of thing grates when you’re trying to concentrate on the wire-wrapping you’re hideously behind on, regardless of what news you’ve just received about your exam score.

The upshot of all that is that we’re still a little behind, though not as far as if we’d just skived off on open lab (which we were technically entitled to do) and tried to get it all done next week.  If I didn’t have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, I’d go in again after math and see about getting the rest of the wire-wrapping done, but alas I do.

Speaking of math, yesterday I started digging through the homework sections for the lectures I missed last week, and I think I’ll be able to catch up there as well, but it’ll take some doing.  Things are getting hot and heavy in precalc-land, and between that and the fact that I seem to be doing well on the practical end in ECE 101, I’m starting to think harder than ever about the possibility of switching to EET, or possibly even MET – though part of me is still whispering that I should get out of the technical fields altogether, simply because while I apparently can absorb advanced math, I don’t enjoy it.  I’m supposed to meet with my advisor sometime in the next couple-three weeks to start planning for next semester (I won’t be able to register for spring classes until November).  Until then, the indecision continues.

In the meantime, the last of the midterm exams is coming up Friday, in CMJ 103.  I’m slightly concerned about that one, not because the class is hard – it isn’t – but because the exam is based on the textbook, which we’re not really using all that much, and the book is extremely preoccupied with terminology, most of which is arbitrary.  Fortunately, the exam is mostly multiple choice; there’s one essay question, but one imagines that can’t be too extensive, since we only have a regular 50-minute class period to take the test.

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