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An Unexpected Honor

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Now that you’ve read the last couple of posts and thought, God, he can whine, can’t he?, permit me to share with you a rare piece of good news.

Every year, the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of Maine puts on a little do at the end of the fall semester.  At this do, which is called the Oak Awards, one student from each section of CMJ 103 Fundamentals of Public Communication (and there are several of those, because it’s a course everyone in the university has to pass in order to graduate) is selected by that section’s instructor to deliver one of the two persuasive speeches he or she has prepared for class.  Everyone else who’s taken CMJ 103 that semester is offered a few points of extra credit to attend, and most of the CMJ faculty are there, so I’m told they get a pretty respectable crowd.  Certainly a bigger one than the speeches involved would originally have been delivered to, since the sections are around 20 students apiece.

When I got my outline and grade back for my first persuasive, "Man Must Explore", it had a note from the instructor on the back of the outline inviting me to be Section 003’s delegate to this year’s Oak Awards.  It means sticking around for a few hours longer on the last Friday of regular classes than I would otherwise have had to, and delivering one of my speeches (either "Man Must Explore" or the as-yet untitled final one I’m working on now) to a much larger crowd than it was developed for, but it’s an honor and there’s a fairly substantial cash prize involved for whoever wins the thing.

Not bad for an engineering student…

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