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A Snapshot In Time

Yes, it’s well past time for an informative post about what’s going on this semester.  This, however, is not that post.  I just wanted to note something that happened today.

One of the classes I’m taking this semester is a very basic introductory U.S. History class, because it’s a degree requirement on the HTY side of my schizoid program.  Being a basic class taken by a lot of freshmen, this is held in one of the giant auditorium-style lecture halls in Little Hall.  I’ve had several classes in these rooms, but never one quite like this.  It’s sort of your classic college Giant Introductory Lecture, where the instructor’s not that bothered about whether people turn up or what they’re doing as long as it doesn’t frighten the horses.

I sit up at the back, behind all the stadium seats, at a desk thoughtfully provided by the DSS office; from my perch I can see what all the people in about a third of the auditorium are up to.  As you might expect, a lot of them are up to using their laptops for stuff other than paying attention to the lecture.  Facebook, sports websites, lolcats, that kind of thing.  I usually pay it little mind.  It’s no skin off my back if the kids aren’t with the program.

Today, though?

Today someone was playing Galaga.

Thought we wouldn’t notice… but we did.

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